Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Two months later updates

Hello again! I do realise that I have taken a few weeks refraining myself from being overly active on social medias. I'm here to share my thoughts with you on that. How did it feel? To be completely honest, it feels great. Great as in not having to feel pressured to post any nice pictures on instagram a few times in a month just for the sake of people viewing and liking it or to post an absolute crap amount of useless sad and whining tweets on twitter.

The point that I'm trying to make here is that, during this 'social media hibernation' period, I felt better since I do not get any unnecessary pressure from it by giving less f(s). You'll be less bothered about how people think of you and how much you need to make a fool out of yourself just to get all the attention and likes from others and you'll get to live life happier. Do excuse me in wording my sentence in such a manner because that's just how I thought.

Being all active in social medias just makes me feel pressured to always uphold good images of myself and just had to only post every wonderful moments of your life online, for the sake of letting everyone see and to prevent any possible chances of anyone making you into a topic of gossips.

To me, that's just all impossible.

Anyway, what I meant by unnecessary pressures are like whenever one does something and posts it online and everyone in the town thinks its cool and they just gotta do it and you are sitting there scrolling on your phone looking at it and thinking to yourself like hey I gotta do this too or else I'll be a laughing stock or an outdated person in everyone's eyes just because I haven't checked this thing out.

(I gotta admit I haven't given up on those memes online, I still watch them on youtube and that's the only thing I didn't abstain myself from doing lolol)

So yeah, do excuse me for the reduced amount of blog posts in my blog. I still truly appreciate and value each and every one of my readers and thank you to you guys for accompanying me throughout my blogging journey. I shall only blog whenever I truly feel like doing it without any pressure from anything.

On a brighter side, wishing you guys a very Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentines day for those who are celebrating it! 

I'm still waiting for my valentine though.


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