Saturday, November 9, 2013

Baking vanilla cupcakes!

Aloha everyone! It's already the weekend! Are you guys feeling excited or are you guys partyin'? Hahahaha, nah, I'm just saying it for fun as fridays always remind me of Rebecca Black's Friday music. That music is stuck in my mind. *sings along to the 'Friday' song* Okay, enough of the friday part. It's already Saturday today so I don't wanna talk about the past. I think I've been bullshitting a lot lately. *plays Rebecca Black's my moment song* WHATEVERRRRR...

Back to the main topic, yup, I'd successfully baked some vanilla cupcakes on my own... yea, with some extra help from my little sister. With the new oven, I can now bake any kinds of cakes or make any kinds of desserts. But I'm seriously lazy to bake anything using the oven so I think I will only use the oven whenever I feel like it. I wanted to bake some red velvet cupcakes but I didn't get to buy the ingredients so never mind, I'll bake that someday. I used a box of vanilla cake mix to bake these vanilla cupcakes. I think I shall use my own ingredients instead of using these pre-packaged cake mixes next time. The cupcakes were too sweet.

As for the frosting, I made oreo buttercream frosting for the cupcakes. I think it tasted better than the ordinary buttercream frosting. I made the oreo buttercream frosting first before baking the cupcakes.

Ingredients for the oreo buttercream frosting. I didn't use exact measurements of the ingredients to make the frosting. I followed my own instincts while creating the frosting. The use of the can of whipped cream and the tube of decorating icing is optional / not necessary. 

And yes, vanilla extract/essence is also needed to create the frosting.


Bought this cute little icing decorating tool from Daiso. Eventually, I didn't get to use this as the oreo chunks in the buttercream frosting were too large to pass through the tip of the decorating tool.

I used a small amount of butter to create the frosting as I don't need a lot of frosting.

Beat the butter with an electric mixer until it's light and fluffy. You can also do it by using a spatula or a whisk, but it'll be extremely tiring. 

Added in some icing sugar and continued beating it.

Added some decorating icing, half teaspoon of vanilla extract and whipped cream into the mixture. I added the decorating icing into the mixture is to give it a little bit of colour and as for the whipped cream, I want to make the mixture a little bit creamier and fluffier. You can use a tablespoon of milk instead of whipped cream for this purpose.

Added in some crushed oreos and continued beating the frosting until desired. Add as many oreos as you like. And the frosting is done!

And then it was lunch time! Melted some cheese on my plate of white rice by using the oven. Hehehe.

Then I proceeded to bake the cupcakes!

This is the type of cake mix that I used.

The ingredients needed. The bottle of Ribena is not included in the recipe unless if you wanna make something 'extraordinary' out of it. :p


Mixing all the ingredients together.

Done mixing the ingredients! I made a few oreo cupcakes as well!

The cupcake casings and the mess behind it.

Test baked one of the cupcakes.

Put the batter into the casings.

And off they went into the oven!

Was feeling excited at that moment.

The outcome!

The vanilla cupcake with oreo buttercream frosting! Now I realised why most of the people said that cupcakes need to be cooled before frosting. This is because when the cupcakes are hot, they will actually melt your frosting and it'll make the frosting look watery.

Watched Thor 2 with mum today. Well, I'm the type of person who doesn't really enjoy watching action-packed movies but I heard that most of the people were saying that the movie was awesome so I decided to give it a try. The movie was initially boring but the rest of the scenes were good. Not bad. :D

Taken from my instagram again.

So that's all I would like to share with you guys today.
I'm really tired while blogging this so I'll stop right here.
Goodnight everyone, see you soon!


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