Monday, November 25, 2013


Hey people! I'm here today for a quick update. Just wanna share with you guys about some recent events/happenings in my life. Time flies, a week of school holidays has passed. During this entire week, I did nothing productive, to be honest. All I did was watching youtube videos for almost every single day. Youtube videos will never fail to entertain me. Hahaha. :p

And another thing is, I miss my darlings. I miss seeing them every single day. I really miss my besties, See Qing and Javier. I miss joking around with See Qing. I used to tease Javier almost every day and I'm missing that. I miss chatting with Huey Syuen and Slo. I miss seeing Ji Ji's happy face too. It's alright, we shall see each other again on January. :D Next year's gonna be our last year in high school. Things will be, of course, much tiring and that's when all the tension/stress comes in. As for now, I don't hope that the holidays will end that fast as you see, I'm lying here on my bed feeling lazy and unwilling to do anything that is strenuous. :p

IMG_7562 - Copy
Just some day where I stopped Javier from taking my pics. I forgot when was this taken.

*you can skip this unless if you're interested in the story of the power being cut down in my house*
In the middle of the Friday night, we were all sleeping and there was a power cut. The feeling was quite eerie. A fact about me, I don't have any air conditioner in my room so I usually turn on both the fans in my room when I'm about to sleep. So on that night, when I was in the middle of my sleep, I heard the noise that sounded like the power's been cut down, I realised that both the fans were not functioning and my digital clock was not functioning either. When I opened my eyes, I see nothing. Literally nothing.

Yea, exactly like this.
Image source : Google images

The whole building was in darkness. I couldn't see a thing at all. Then I woke my sister up and searched for my phone in the darkness. Thank goodness, I was able to search for my phone. We went out of our room and dad came out of his room too. Lighted up some candles and we sat on the couch in the living room. After a short moment, we heard the voice of the children upstairs singing to "the fox" and they were so hyper. Seriously kids these days. Two hours later, the power is back and we went back to sleep. Okay this is the end of this lame story. -_____-

Yesterday, my sister and I made yogurt ice cream with mixed berries! Absolutely yummy :D I can't post the recipe of this yogurt ice cream that we made cuz we didn't actually make it according to the websites. We simply created the recipe by ourselves. :p

Yup, I posted it on instagram. :)

As for today, my dad, sis and I made red velvet cupcakes! Okay, it was not in red colour as we didn't use any red food colouring. Shall get some natural food colouring soon. :) Didn't get to take the pics of the cupcakes but it's just quite similar to the previous cupcakes that I'd made. Except that it's light brown in colour.

Here's some videos I would like to share with you guys,

Alright, I shall stop right here. I'm tired.
Guess this post is quite sh*tty as I'm really really tired while typing these things.
See you guys soon! :)

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