Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Making steamed chocolate cakes

Hello earthlings! I'm here today to share with you guys about my experience in making steamed chocolate cakes! Well, it's supposed to be steamed brownies but the cakes don't look like brownies so yeah, let's all just call it chocolate cakes. I decided to make my own moist chocolate cakes as I can adjust the sugar level of the cake myself. Most of the chocolate cakes sold in bakeries contain high sugar levels. Although I have a sweet tooth but that doesn't mean that I love foods which contain a lot of sugar, instead I love foods which are low in sugar levels. To me, cakes which are extremely sweet are rather disgusting.

So I got the recipe from this blog, oureverydaythings. It's fun to make especially when you have a partner. I made these chocolate cakes with the help from my little sister and my grandma.

Part of the ingredients needed.

I used van houten's cocoa powder.


Preparing eggs and sugar.

Mixing the sugar and eggs together.

Done with the mixing!

Prepared a cup of flour.

Some baking powder.

Mixed all the ingredients together and placed it in a wok.

We placed some of the batter into cupcake moulds.

Okay so the outcome doesn't look that good but it tasted okay.

We tried to make some white frosting while waiting for the remains of the batter to be steamed.


This is the outcome of the so called 'frosting'. Well, I nearly whisked the egg whites into foam and eventually failed when I added some butter into the mixture. My arms were really tired and painful after this entire whisking process. Guess I need to gain more experience on this.

And here's the outcome, doesn't look appetizing though. 

Ended up pouring my failed 'frosting' into the cake.

I wasn't pleased with the outcome of our first try so I've decided on making some new ones.

This is the second round. I added more cocoa powder into the batter this time and it looks more appetizing. And obviously it tasted way better than the previous one.

I made some chocolate sauce to go with the cupcakes. :)
You can search for the recipe through google.

Added some chocolate sauce onto the cupcake.

And the outcome of the steamed chocolate cupcakes!

The cupcakes tasted really good and I loved it. :D

In a nutshell, these steamed chocolate cakes are easy to make and it's really suitable for those who do not have an oven. Try this if you have the time. See you guys!

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