Thursday, December 20, 2012

Viva la felicidad

The title above was translated by google translate, the actual word that I wanted to write there is 'long live happiness'. I was actually listening to Coldplay's viva la vida and it reminds me of the meaning of 'viva la' which is long live, I changed the word 'vida' into 'felicidad'. Felicidad means happiness. Those are spanish words. Everyone loves happiness right? I do. No one loves to live in depression.

Yesterday was the pmr results collection day. Everyone was nervous to know their results. We were asked to queue up in front of our respective classes in order to get our results. Lots of people jumped with joy after receiving their results. Congratulations to everyone, whether you scored straight As or not. I am satisfied with my results though. I beamed with joy and delight after I've got my results in both of my hands. One was the results slip and one was a certificate. Thanks to all of the people who wished me good luck. And now, I'm really glad with myself as I've achieved what I've wanted. Thanks to all of the people who gave me supports all these while. I really appreciate it.

Have to go now, see you guys!

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