Saturday, December 1, 2012

1st of December 2012!


Hi everyone! Today's already the first day of December. It shows that the year 2013 is coming really soon. Just one more month and poof, it's going to be a brand new year! December would be a joyful month to most of the people as it's the month of Christmas! Listening to those Christmas songs and looking at Christmas decorations do gave me a Christmas-y feeling, although I don't celebrate it. How I wish time could go a bit slower so that we could enjoy our holidays a bit longer. What I love about holidays is that I can go to bed late at night and sleep till it's one in the afternoon. Besides that, I gained a little bit of weight during the holidays 'cause I ate a lot of good food. Well, not really good ones but it at least made me satisfied. I don't know what is wrong with me recently, I really went crazy. I did a lot of abnormal stuff. So not me. It was horrifying. Okay, let's not think about stressful things first. I'm currently in a winter holiday mood. Even though I'm not living in a snowing country. Hehehe.

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