Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Say Hello To November!

"Black star, black star, forever you will be." Lyrics from the song, Black Star by Avril Lavigne. 

Hello readers! The month of October has passed and it's November already by now. Speaking of holidays, it's just all the same, there is nothing different and special. I've been sick for the past few days. What I did the most is just sleeping. Trust me, it was not really a great way to start off my holidays. Well, I don't really have a lot of things to say but since it's the month of November, so basically I'll just blog something ordinary. I'm not a person who talks a lot about his/her life or about all the activities that I've done throughout the month or throughout the week or whatever. I don't have to elaborate that much.

So, October has been a great month to us. It was the month that we all sat for our PMR examinations. It was also a great month, to me as I had spent a lot of my time with the precious ones. Come to think of it, PMR wasn't as bad as we thought after all. But when it comes to results, I couldn't guarantee that it will be wonderful. But anyways, let's hope for something good to happen. Let's keep that positive thinking in our minds. ;)

I forgot when was it taken. Probably about two weeks ago. Went to Sunway Pyramid and tried ice skating, I've to say that it wasn't easy to skate on ice as it's really slippery. 

Let me post a random picture of me when I was small. It was taken in Disneyland, Japan. 

Recently, I tried different types of make up looks and it turned out to be fine. I did it just for fun and I don't have any intentions for that. I've tried the doll look make up, punk make up and smokey plus punk type of make up. Some of the looks are inspired by Avril Lavigne, I love all of her make up looks. I've used lots of eye shadow and eyeliner. I learnt those make up tips, steps and tricks from videos in Youtube. You can search for different make up tutorials in Youtube anytime you like. It's fun to learn on how to apply make up on your face.

This is how it looked like.

Happy holidays and I hope each and every one of you will enjoy your holidays. :)

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