Tuesday, October 16, 2012



So, HEY GUYS! I'm finally back to this little space. I made some changes in my blog too. This time, my blog's new look is inspired by Avril Lavigne's Smile video. I know it has nothing to do with videos but it's about the colours and design. It isn't that eye catching anymore, I know. I'm kind of obsessed with Avril lately, especially her music and her videos. Anyway, we are now FREE! PMR is finally over! Our hard work had finally paid off. It's time to take some time off and relax ourselves. I can still remember what our hopes/wishes were before we face the PMR exam.

"I'm going to enjoy as much as I can after the PMR."
"How I wish PMR could end faster."
"I want to hang out with my friends after PMR."

Yup, those were the things that we used to say/talk about. Now you can do anything you want without any limits. Hahaha. Take care and see you guys soon!

Yours Truly.
Doris C.

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