Saturday, June 30, 2012

Out Of The Blue.

So it's Saturday, hello everyone! In a blink of an eye, half of the month had already gone. So how's everyone doing? The weather has always been bad, everyone should really take good care of yourselves. Do drink more water and sleep well! As what I noticed, lots of people are getting ill lately. And being ill isn't nice, it's really torturing. My schooling days are good. Yesterday we had sports day. Overall, it was great. Too bad, I couldn't get to watch the whole thing. I felt proud of the prefects, they marched really well. The red team is the champion for this year. I've no pictures with me as I didn't bring my camera to school. I  don't bring my camera to school. The month of June was good, it's July already tomorrow.

I've been reading through my old posts. It was amazing to find out that I've changed tremendously within these few years. My hairstyle, face and the ways I used to write my blog posts and etc. One more thing, looking at those photos that I've taken and remembering the trips I went brings me back lots of old and happy memories. I've noticed, the photos that I'd taken the last few years are so different than the ones I've taken this year. I really want to get this photography passion back to me. I'll be back to chase my photography passion after October.

Oh yeah, I did this a month ago, just to see how great those editing tools are. This was the result of the photo below.


Found this in one of my albums. This picture was taken in DPC one evening.

I'll be back, with more pictures I guess.

Yours Truly.
Doris C.

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  1. Oh dear! WHY NO CHATBOX IN YOUR BLOG! LOL!! Really nice blog! Love it! Gosh. I wiah I had a day going home with you! Too much thgs to blah about. :D Tk