Friday, May 25, 2012

Holds You Close To Me.

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The girl with the black camera went missing in action for about two weeks already. And here she is! Finally we're done with the exams! Woohoo! It turned out to be okay, but still, I'm not really satisfied with it. I do need a lot more of improvements! The real exam is just four months away, feeling stressed now. Anyway, let's just throw this aside first. Heh. Time passes fast, it's going to be June soon in a few days time. And, the mid term break is here! Woots, finally I could get some rest. Morning schools are tiring but fun. :x

Dang, I really need a new mouse for my laptop. And another frustrating thing is, my camera's usb cable went missing since last week. Urgh. What the heck.


Stayed back in school yesterday. With Javier & See Qing. I've spent a little time with Javier and spent most of the time with See Qing. Reading books in the library with See Qing is always fun. Javier had made my day. Heh. Went cycling in the evening. It was absolutely great. I hope I could do this more often. Yesterday was lovely and unforgettable.




Having two weeks of exams are pretty stressful. Glad that I've made it through. It was pretty tough. I had been facing sleeping problems during the exam week due to long hours of studying. Sometimes I wished that I could turn back the time, I should have studied even harder during form 1 and form 2 times. And now I really regret for not putting much effort on my studies those days.

Abruptly, I have this random question in my mind. The question is, how will you feel if anyone who is important to you had their lost memory? For me, I'll feel extremely sad. Or maybe, I will cry. But I'll keep on trying to make that person remembers everything, well, maybe not everything but maybe just a part of it. If after many attempts and I still fail, I guess I will have to stop trying anymore and just give up. The next thing I'll do is to move on.


I was wondering how long have I blogged in this little space. I guess it's been two year plus since I started blogging here. Looking at those old posts does bring lots of memories back to me. I miss taking photographs. After the final exam, I'm going to take as many photos as I want, muahahaha. I've decided to give this little space a little change again. Soon you'll see the changes in my blog. Hehehehe.

Boo! I'll stop right here. :D

Yours Truly.
Doris C.

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