Sunday, May 6, 2012

6th Of May '12.

HELLO people! It's 6th of May today, it's a very special day to me. Done with my artwork, finally. Hehe. Felt relieved. But I hate the fact that tomorrow's Monday already, ahhh, I dislike Sunday nights.

6th of May.

Look what's behind of me. :3

Moustache ftw! :3

Yesterday I've spent my afternoon with the cousins and family. Went for lunch and shopping with them, it was great. We've never been to malls like this since a long time ago. Not to forget, spent my evening with the loved ones yesterday at Desa Parkcity! My sister, Erica and I planned to ride bikes there. We rented three bicycles altogether, each for RM10. Seriously, it's expensive. And Javier joined us later then. It was fun. :D
Took this using Javier's camera.

Javier's shot.

That's all for today, can't wait to get this little space a brand new look! Stay tuned. :D

Yours Truly.
Doris C. 

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