Monday, April 30, 2012

You Made Me Smile.


Hey everyone! :D We're having a holiday today. Tomorrow's a public holiday too, yay. Just came across a few tumblr blogs and their pictures were all amazing. Pictures from tumblr are always amazing. Finally, we've handed in our Geography projects, woohoo! And that means, we don't need to be stressed as much as before anymore, heh. What a relieve. But not to forget, there's loads of projects waiting to be completed, still. There's history, art and a few more to go.

Oh wait, as what I know, I've always been blogging about homeworks, exams, projects and school stuffs. Well, life's getting harder and busier, I suppose. Life ain't easy and good this year. One of the things that I've learnt this year, try not to procrastinate as procrastination is the thief of time, which is true enough. I wished that there's at least 36 hours per day, 24 hours isn't enough for us. Hmm, that's silly, oh well, let's get back to reality.

Oh yes, I would like to share with you guys about the pictures I took for one of the last week's evening. Hope you'll enjoy.

I love this shot.

Another picture of yesterday's morning sky view, it was purple in colour.

Our school had an event last Saturday, which is Merentas Desa, it's like a marathon. I'm glad that I've managed to walk till the end. It was totally exhausting. With the partner, Qing, we ran, we jogged and we walked together. It was great walking with her. And with Javier, too. Oops, we sweated a lot. And Javier said that I looked pale after the run. Oh my. Although it was not really that fun, but I'm glad that at least they're with me for the run. :)

Loving my new high waist shorts. :D

Went to KLCC yesterday. There were many weird people there. And after that, went to midvalley to have our dinner. Mum bought herself a pair of new converse shoes. Went home after that. I have a feeling since I was little, that is, I love KL. I love the buildings, places, streets and it's incredible view. :D

Stop right here, tata.

Yours Truly.
Doris C.

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  1. nice pictures of evening sky...i love the last pic the most! purple color~ ^^