Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wake Me Up.

Hello people! So it's Saturday. :D We have replacement class for today at school. So yea, we had our exams today. Which is BM and English in paper 2 (essays). Exams plus projects = loads of work and stress. So much has happened these few days. And what I've noticed is, Blogger has a new look now. Which I can hardly get used to it. Sadly, my favourite website, is over.

IMG_4047 edited

IMG_3347 edited
My messy file. Oh, look at that red paper heart. :D

I've something random to ask. What do you guys wish to see in my blog? I mean, what would guys want me to blog about? Give me an idea and I'll consider about it. Hehe. :D I know that I'm being lame here. :P


Yesterday's purple, pink sky.


What I've realized is, as the days go by, as a blogger, I've never visit blogs that often anymore. I rarely visit other's blogs and most of them had stopped posting their blogs. My blog is always dusty. At least, I did update it once a week or maybe at least, twice a month. It seems like everyone's busy with their jobs/lives too. *of course they are*

Guess what? I've started to wear my spectacles everyday. As my eyesight had increased tremendously. NO GOOD. Uh oh. Let me share one of my stories with you guys. This reminds me, while I was a kid, I used to think that wearing spectacles are cool. So I've always wanted to get a pair of spectacles for myself. Sounds silly isn't it? But oh well, you know, KIDS. And now I have to wear spectacles. As I grew older, I realized, for me, wearing spectacles are not cool. My advice, do take good care of your eyes or else you'll regret, just like me, sighs. I looked nerdy with spectacles. Oh well.

I've made myself a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows this afternoon. :D

Do you love marshmallows? :P

I love this.
I love this paper heart's design very much. :D

Je t'aime.

I've to stop here. See you guys in a few days time.

Yours Truly.
Doris C.

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