Saturday, February 11, 2012

Keep Holding On.

Hello readers. :D Life's been busy nowadays. There's a lot of stuffs to do. We're going to have our exams soon. So fast. Gonna work for it. Stressed with my studies and also homeworks. I just have to try to relax, just like what my loves told me. Being too stressed isn't good too. Having flu and sore throat, this proves that the weather is terrible. Gotta take good care of yourself, people.


It's been a long time I've never express my feelings or thoughts in this blog. I miss doing so. But I just don't know what to start with, my mind is blank. Just like what I'm writing right now. Oh wait, what crap am I talking about? To be short, I'm coming back to this blog with an empty mind. Talking about photography, I don't really have to mood to focus on that nowadays. I rarely take pictures for now. Because we're all busy with homeworks and studies. I thought of doing something which is quite interesting, I named it photo 366, I actually planned to take pictures of everyday and keep it in a photo album. Planned to take different pictures everyday, but failed to do so as there's no time for it. Ah, nevermind, I'll try it next time. And we're going to have our very important exam this year. No one would bother about all these for now.







Smiles. :)

Yours Truly.
Doris C.

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