Thursday, December 1, 2011

If Only I Have A Time Machine.

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Look, it's already first of December. It shows that we're near to the year 2012 already. Last month of the year 2011. The year 2011 has given me a lot of good lessons and memories that I'll never ever forget. I love my form 2 school life. I'll miss this year, very much. Bye November, bonjour December! Please be good to me. :)  Oh and by the way, I didn't go for vacation during the holidays. Spending my time at home, doing nothing mostly. So unproductive during the holidays, no good.

lights blurred

No joke, time flies. This is what I've realized all these while. Day by day, I've learnt lots of things in life. Good moments gives you happiness while bad moments gives you precious lessons. What's the point of being stressed at all times? What's the point of being moody at all times? Life's too short to be sad, just enjoy while you can. Stop comparing and be yourself. SMILES!


Hey. That reminds me of Christmas. Hey, Christmas is not even here yet but I've the CNY feel already. Hahaha, weird I know. But time flies.

Why so emotional, forget about it.

Yours Truly.
Doris C.

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