Thursday, August 11, 2011

Of Me And You.


Picnik collage
What a dusty blog it is. 

  Describe about yourself :  RANDOM.  :)

Done with exams. This time, it was pretty tough. Oh now. It's time to relax my mind. Back to the usual days. And now, i've got some free time to blog or to surf the web. Was wondering, what should i write now, my mind's empty now. Inspiration goes to 0. I know i know, i'mma blog about the KLCC skybridge that i went with family two weeks ago. Heh, that post's gotta be interesting.

Keeping things going on and on is something which is not good, found solutions. Dealed and done with it. I'm relieved now. After so long, i've finally found my way out of this maze. Lesson learned, learn to forgive and forget. What's the point of being mad/angry all the time? It's like, torturing yourself. I've no time for nonsense anymore. Besides that, i should be happy with my life, not being moody all the time. Turn that frown upside down, heh. SMILESPEACE !

That reminds me of geography project, oh my, gotta get it done ASAP. Time's running out.

You're always in my mind.

Yours Truly.
Doris C.

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