Saturday, July 2, 2011

With Love.

First post of the month. It's July second today. JULY's here! I've abandoned my blog for a long time ago. I've been sticking to Twitter lately. So, this empty space is only for me to post something out when there's some proper posts to be blogged about. FAILED TO UPDATE ALREADY LAR. Btw, for your information, watermarking pictures takes a lot of time too. As the day passes by, time is not enough to use. I think i'll just gonna stick to Twitter now.


And that reminds me, the internet's line is damn terrible these days. I have to wait till midnight then i can only online and do whatever i want. OMG?! What to do? Slowly wait lar. Wait till got line then damn happy. But once there's line, it'll be very weak. Or sometimes it'll just go off like that. BOOO! Damn frustrated.

Little octopus, i made it all by myself.  :D  *proud, lol* 

IMG_0118 edited
Little pineapple.

Didn't go anywhere these days. Mostly spent time at home. That's why i can't really blog proper posts like outing and stuffs. Maybe photography posts will do? Hmm, still thinking. I've been leaving the camera aside for a long time. Looking for some new ideas now.




Went to school this morning for sports day. It's super tiring, even though i didn't take part in any of those activities. Mostly spent time with the prefects. Lots of my friends were sick, maybe it's because of the terrible weather. That's why, gotta drink more water! To prevent heatiness. Take care people.

About life? Everything was kindda like upside down. Everything seems lost. But anyway, let's all forget about it. Awesome joking moments with the loved ones, laughed like mad and then, tears start rolling. Awesome right? I do hope that life could be like this every single day, without sadness and fulled with happiness. It's not sad tears, but happy tears. Aww, see. You guys are making me cry, once again.  :')

Be strong, everyone.

With love, Yours Truly.
Doris C.

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