Monday, July 11, 2011

Where is the fun?



Life is just like,

Sleeping, eating, learning, homeworks, texting, online, chatting, laugh, watching tv, taking photos, watch tv, laughing, chatting, online, texting, homeworks, learning, eating and sleeping.

LOL, you can list everything out. Repeatingly. Wrote it for fun anyway.

Everytime i'm saying this again. AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN and AGAIN. Well, almost. Go ahead and scream at me. I gotta think twice before updating ze blog, due to the amount of pictures, that is 0, and the dead inspirations. That's why, uh-huh, i guess you know what i'm talking about right? HEH. :P And lazy would be one of my greatest excuse ever. Alright, this is crappy, i mean, it's totally CRAP.

It's great to let things go AGAIN. Things are just getting back to normal, oh yeah. Feel-not-so-pressured now, teehee. FINALLY, dudes. OMGGG, i've got no time for stupid stuffs again. I wanna spend time on better activitiesssss now. Lotsa stuffs and activities are in my pending list nowwww. LOL. Epic fail. -.- Once again,  fingers crossed.


Yours Truly.
Doris C.

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