Friday, July 29, 2011

Let's Rock.



me edited

I love these shots.  :D

Oh yeah, it's Friday, Friday. Well, it's Friday night now. School's having co-curiculum day tomorrow. Just can't wait for it. :D  I bet there's lots of people are bringing their camera along tomorrow. Just thinking whether what kindda clothes should i wear tomorrow. Hmmm, prefect uniform or sports outfit? I guess sports outfit will do, hmmm.  :)

I've been lazing around lately. Gahhh, i hate my lazy spirit. Exams are around the corner, i can't keep that lazy spirit anymore. Gosh, i've been repeating the word 'exam' for so many times. I guess i'm just nervous about it, and i mean, TOO NERVOUS. Can i just get that word outta my brain, oh please. Pressured. &, please make things right. :\

Next mission, to update the menara kl trip. LOL, sounds so serious. I've been MIA for these while. Let's hope that i'll be back in a while.  :(

Yours Truly.
Doris C.

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