Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happiness Depends Upon Ourselves.

Annyeong haseyo! The 101th post, after some changes inside the blog. Time seriously flies. Exam's coming in two weeks time. Nervous. *leg shaking*  School's life is definitely busy, as always. Oh well, at least i love that. You know, moments.  :D

Sunday, 10-7-2011.

Went to 1U with da family. Walked around in there for about two hours. Next, dinner time! Went wong kok char chan teng and guess what. I ordered a plate of fried rice and there's a tiny stone, hidden inside the rice. And i took a bite of it, a small part of my tooth gone, #fml. I'm not coming back to this restaurant again. TERRIBLE max! :(  Then later, went MCD to have Grilled Chicken Burger instead. It's nice btw. :P


Sneakers, red long tee and as usual, jeans.

Went to take a look at the Toyota cars, they're awesome! Especially this one, we like this car, Prius.  :D

GCB set meal.  YUMS!  :D

Randomly taken. It looks weird, isn't it?  :P

Monday, 11-7-2011.

Weekdays are here. As usual, went to school and came home by 7 something. Craving for cereals in a sudden. Mum bought me a cookie crisp breakfast cereal. Yummeh. :D  And, mum bought some sushi.

Cereal!  :)

And sushi, too.  :P

Tuesday, 12-7-2011.

Bought two angry birds soft toy from Ying. It's super super awesomely cuteee! One costs RM7. Cheaper than i thought. I know right.  :D


Took a photo with it, teehee! :D

Red and black.  :)

Fisheye effect. 

Wednesday, 13-7-2011.

Took some photos on this day, since i wanna upload photos into the laptop. It's just another ordinary day. School's open day's on tomorrow!  :)

One by Jeen Huey and one by Leanne. :)

Looove the design of this cup. I never throw this cup away. Still keeping it! Bought green tea latte for once on last year's Christmas. Oopsie, for now, i'm craving for another cup of this again! :P

Thursday, 14-7-2011.

SCHOOL'S OPEN DAY. I've got my report card. Results not bad, not good, just normal. Mum bought me a bar of milk chocolate. Gotta study harder to achieve higher marks! Oh, I won't give up.  :D

Mini chocolate bar. Took this since i'm lazy to get the larger one.

Friday, 15-7-2011.

And, as for today. It's considered as a rainy day today. Rained heavily in the evening. Shoes all soaked with rain water, super wet. Luckily i did bring my umbrella along, or else i'm gonna get all wet. Well, it's a bit troublesome.

Smiling bun.  :DD

Found this inside my drawer. November's Chopin CD album by Jay Chou. BIG LOVES! :D

Saturday, 16-7-2011.

Woke up earlier than any other Saturdays. Went to oldtown and have breakfast. And had 'da bao' chicken rice for lunch. Later, headed to Jusco. By 5 something in the evening, went to cousin's house. Teehehehehe, love the wifi at cousie's house!  :)


Iced white coffee.  :D

Took this while waiting inside the restaurant. Too bad, their wifi system is down on that day.

Stress, pimples and troubles. They're all coming back to me. OH NO, i don't need YOU. Stay out of my life. Well, well well, all of you made my life miserable. LOL. Shoooooo! D:   OMG, exams are coming, stressed.

Oh, i'm super tired right now. Gotta head to bed! Nights!  :)

Yours Truly.
Doris C.

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