Saturday, June 25, 2011

Keep Moving On.


Hello. I've been throwing my blog aside for a very long time, i know. Yes, and i've to say, there's something wrong with the internet line recently, which makes me pissed off too. So yeah, it's kindda mad when you've something to blog but, no line, suddenly blogging mood stops. I hate that seriously. Have to wait till, midnight? Whatever lar, duh.


For now, i've cleared my mind and kept re-thinking of everything. Hmm, am i wasting my time too much? Maybe i am. I should let go lots of things, not holding on to them anymore. I'm tired of it already. Too much nonsense in my mind. It's time to let things go. Gah, really hope that i could deal with those things properly. I need changes. Refresh mind again. Refresh, refresh, refresh. Ignore, ignore, ignore. Let it be. That's much better. Getting rid of misunderstandings. Anyway, i'll not spend time on hating people or angry anyone else anymore. Not worth at all.  :)

Been playing illusion science with sister recently. Had headache after playing this.  :(


I miss my pencil case.

Pencil case kena stealed by some random unknown people. You'll get your karma one day, stealer. Then i'll just start to use my old pencil case from next monday onwards.

What makes us change?

Yours Truly.
Doris C.

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