Sunday, April 17, 2011

We Don't Remember Days ; We Remember Moments.

Hello, it's Sunday morningggg, i mean afternoonnn! Wtheck, was speechless recently, felt like blogging but don't know what else to write here, hmmm. And another thing, yesh, exam's coming on the next Saturday, so gonna start to read books already. Won't update blog much often as i've no time for this.  :)

Last Saturday, went to have lunch with aunt. Cousin bro's there, yay. :D  And later, we went to Saujana hotel, Subang there. First, we went up to the hotel room. Later, we went to the swimming pool while waiting for aunt to checkout.  :)

Pool's view, love that place.  :D

I love these flowers, they're so so pretty. :D

Cousin was asking me 'wah, like this you also wanna take ah?' LOL. The hotel's like an apartment lar btw. :)
Trees near the pool.



An aeroplane flew by, took this cuz i'm too free already.



Okay, was doing homeworks for the whole night yesterday, first time doing homeworks infront of the laptop, discussing with my friend, CM. That was kindda fun. I mean, very fun. Maths, komsas and composition. I'mma try this again for the next time. Heee! :D



Btw, i'm super fine now. No more moodiness. Learned to let things go. Reading some inspirational quotes and notes will definitely make my day better. Starting to love quotes, they're amazing somehow. I wonder why sometimes, i just can't express my feelings like other bloggers did. I wanted to write something like that, but i just can't, maybe because i'm too dumb? Perhaps, Twitter would be the greatest place that i'll express my feelings there, you see. And for now, i'm glad that i'm happier than before, tougher and stronger than before. Friends are the biggest support.  :D

As the day passes, life is getting more and more serious and not-so-fun, sometimes yes, still fun. I'm a teen already, no more a kid. Now it's time to be serious, no more playfulness. Take things serious. And guess what? Nowadays more and more peoples are in relationships. Yes or no? That's what i saw. Weird.  :x

Telling myself, stop thinking too much.  :)

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

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