Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh, It's Just Kindda Awesome.


HELLO EVERYONE! I am back. And just simply writing a new post now. I've just randomly gave my post a tittle. I cant feel some kindda awesomeness beside me. Oh haha. So random right? Oh yeah, it's April fool's day today. Luckily i didn't get fooled by the friends.  :)

Went to FRIM last Sunday. This time, we're spending more time there. Played with the cool river water there. And next, we walked through the er, hills? Walk till my toes are hurted. It's kindda fun but my leg hurts!  :(  Took some random shots.




Failed water shot.

We found this while walking, kindda nice but weird right? Cuz it's blue.  :O

Saw some of the blogs and some of them wrote are just like the way i felt. It really is. Their posts are like, so true? OMG. too true. I can't control my mood, I wanna scream it out.  *little screams*


Alright. Crying can't solve any of the problems. And i had just realized that, sometimes the answer turns out different than the answer that we're hoping for. For example, asking someone a question and you've got the answer that is much more different than what you thought. Unexpected answers. I couldn't accept the facts. Come to think about it, i should stop myself from being stupid or emotional again. Not worth to be moody. I should make wiser or smarter choices. To keep myself happier rather than being moody or emotional. Okay, I rather be happy so, SMILE.  :)

Nothing interesting to blog, so i guess a random post will do.  :)

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

Stop being silly. :)

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