Saturday, April 9, 2011

You Gave Me The Best Memory.


Hello everyone. Finally, i've got the time to blog here. It's Saturday today, everyone should be having fun today right. Oh i'm stucked at home. Planned to go to somewhere today but last minute the plan is cancelled. Yea, dissapointed much. Oh, never mind, blog to cheer myself up. I have to admit, i've nothing interesting to blog cuz we didn't go anywhere recently. So yeah, i'll be blogging random posts these days. And recently i've received good comments from my readers, thank you all so much. I'll try to fill this empty little space up often.  :)

Last Sunday, went to Pav with the family, just for a short while. Had snowflake

My fav

Mum gave me some of her pearls. Yum yum yum. :D


Recently, i started to love sesame. Had sesame rice balls and sesame bun at Din Tai Fung last last last Sunday.  :D  *okay it sounded so long, lol* 



 Received all the test papers back from the teachers. Those marks are kindda satisfying since i'm not a genius. Oh, and that reminds me, we're having another exam again soon, in this month. I bet this time's exam would be harder than before.  *fingers crossed*

Nowadays, been spending time with the two buddies. Had fun talking and joking with each other. I love being with them. Laughed like mad, spended time chatting with each other and had great times with each other. Heeeeee. I love you both, the greatest buddies that i ever had.  :D

Musics every single night.


Too many things happened in this month of April. I'm taking things seriously again, it's hard to put a smile on the face. No choice, i have to take things seriously, or else things are going mad again and again. It's hard to smile all these while. Tried to express my feelings out but failed. I can't do it. & peoples out there, as humans, we have feelings okay? So don't go around and hurt anyone else and pretend that nothing had happened. And stop being selfish, please. :)


Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

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