Monday, March 14, 2011

Letting Things Go.

Hello peoples! How are you all?  :)  Suddenly having the mood to blog, since there's a one week school holiday. One week of school holidays, yay. But it's not that fun, cause during the holidays, I really really have to spend time doing revisions on my own, since exam's coming soon. Two more weeks, gosh. I couldn't sit infront of the laptop for so long. Seriously, it's wasting my time and it's just killing my eyes. :x

Yours truly.  :)

I've been emotional recently, and just can't find the reason why. I guess all teenagers are all the same too, right? The feeling's kindda weird. So i tried to calm myself down. Try to be happy, no matter what. This is what i'm thinking in my mind now.  :) 

And I'm glad to have a bunch of cheerful friends. This is what i must say. And there's always someone perfect and cute one who always made me laugh, smile or even cheered me up, poured my life with loads of loves and hopes, and i heart him. The little naughty queen who always tease me. And lots of sweethearts are cheering me up whenever i'm depressed, awwws. :')

Here goes, my diary.  :)

Oh wait, what's this? Haha, it's a squeaking chicken? LOL, mum got it from 1U. :P
Btw, ignore my face.

And i've got myself a new pencil case since my previous pencil case was already old. :x
Love it! :D

Love da rain. Rain water falls on the car window.


Bought subway for dinner, i don't know since when i love this kind of sandwich. :P

My subway sandwich, drools.

Oh yeah, someone got herself a new ipod shuffle. And that's my sister, not me. Envy her much, i don't even get myself something like that. :x

iPod shuffle's box.

The iPod shuffle. :D

This is what i wanna blog today, boringenoughiknow. Being random. :x
Someone, please cheer up.  :)

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

I miss you, my little cutey pie. :D

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