Sunday, February 6, 2011


Oh, it's 年初四 today! ;D  And still, Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Have a great one and enjoy your days! Smile peoples, smile! :D :D  Oh btw, how many angpaos' did you guys collected? I knew that some of you collected angpaos and some of you gave angpaos right? :P Ah okay, the amount of angpaos' doesnt matter much, the quality of time spent with your loved ones matters the most! :)

Gosh, school starts by tomorrow. Tomorrow's Monday, 年初五. So all the best, goodluck and good health. LOL, time flies. So, I'll leave this little space 'un-alive' already, after school starts. So stay tuned for my two weeks once updates, lol! Thank kiews thank kiews. :D Oh, talking about this, valentine's day is coming soon! :P

Featuring my dear kawan, Xin Yi. She's a real sweetheart! The kawan who always made me smile, laugh and touched. Iheart you lah! :D Xin Yi, if you're reading this, don't cry okay? I knew that you're touched. HAHA! :P Nah, just joking. :D Even though we didn't meet each other before, but she's a real sweet kawan. :D

this is crap

Oopsie, since when I got so geh po already? Ahahahaha! I'm getting more talkative, playful and love to talk rubbish. The usual me won't do this kindda thing one lah, seriously. Wah, since when? But I enjoyed it, lol! Too random, seriously too random. :O


On Thursday. 1Utama with da family. :D

Old Town yam cha session.

Picnik collage
Dinner with grandparents at Zuan Yuan, one world hotel.
There's more dishes, but I'm lazy to take pics of em'. Makan time! :P

Got bored in da restaurant, so i took this.

Flower, what kindda flower? :O

Okay, enjoy your day!  :)

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

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