Sunday, January 23, 2011

You're With Me, Aren't You.

Finally, done some of the houseworks and blogging right now. Had some korean noodles just now, oops. I didn't take pictures of it but it's yummy! Nom nom! :D So bad one huh? What the heck I'm talking crap here. Never mind lah, here's a new post that you guys are waiting for. I guess I'll update my blog once a week only, yes, seriously.  :)


Okay, there's an exciting activity yesterday but no pictures, cause we're not allowed to bring any cameras or handphones. Our school's having merentas desa yesterday. It was totally fun and tiring? Yes, it's a very tiring activity. If I'm not mistaken, we've run and walked for about 4km or 5kms? On the way of running, my stomach hurts, cause I'm not the type who exercises lots, so my tummy hurts when I run. D: Pretty bad huh? So I had one of my best friend, Shuying who supported me on the way. Thank you so much, I appreciate it, dude. :D Without her, I don't know whether can I end the whole race by myself. After that, I ran down the slope and I was like flying, lol! Peoples looking at me, memang paiseh. And passed by my granparents house, greeted my grandmother. And later, walked back to school with my sugar, Xin Hui with her friend. So sweet for the whole day! I'm jealous already, my biatch. 

Back to the school life, these days I've been busying for homeworks and stuffs. These days, I've been missing classes, gosh, have to study on my own. And friends? There's no problems with friends. In the bus, Voon Lee and Xin Hui are the best partners for listening to my compliants and stuffs, thank you both.  :D

On last Sunday, me and family went to The Curve, Ikano and Ikea.  :D


Had a plate of spaghetti at Kluang Station, Ikano Power Centre. I ordered the ala carte one and that guy gave me the kids meal one, wtf? Hmm, the spaghetti got no taste at all.  :(


Kluang Station's fried or whatever chicken wings, super yummy! :D


The Curve's CNY deco, not that nice, too simple.


The view from the inside till the outside.


Later, we went to the Ikea restaurant to have dinner, 3 dishes, I ate 2 dishes. :P Yummy! Nom nom. :D


Pasta, the pasta's too soft, I guess it's over cooked.  :O


Herbs chicken, not bad. :D


Salmon with potatoes and french beans.

Okay lah, that's all for today peeps, not enough time.
Gotta go.
See you guys!  :D

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.
Don't ever break your promise.
I'm blur these days.  
Sorry for the blurness.



  1. wah. i like that "cny tree" really nice XD

  2. u need to try ikea's meatballs, they are yummy`