Friday, January 14, 2011

Just The Way You Are.

Finally, it's time for me to blog something.Weekends!  :D
YAY!  *screams*


D.E.A.D  blog  is now,

ALIVE  again, for a moment.


WOOSH. School started days ago, so I didn't really update my blog. Yea, I can hear somemore shouting 'boo!' there already. Fine, as you know lah, as usual, I'm not allowed to online during school days and I didn't even make noise about it. See, I'm a good girl.  :D

Duties, homeworks and stuffs, back to the normal school life. Tired everyday, felt like sleeping already so right now. Yes, seriously. Once I came home to bathe and had my dinner, I sleep. Cause too tired already, memang beh tahan. TIRED TIRED TIRED.  :(

It's just the first week of school. Mmm, everything's improving, I guess. Thank god, I'm okay with Chinese and Geography already. Chinese and English class is fun, love both of that classes. Do hope that I can improve myself this year, I gotta study real hard this year, no play play anymore. One of the boys, so called 'Mr Chang', he's a very funny guy, the one who made us laugh, at all times? Yea, I guess so. June Young, one of the best friend, brother who always supports me, love you gor gor.  :D




I'm glad that all prefects communicate with each other already. Now, cooperate with each other, I guess it's a no problem thing right? Da guys, Jing Ying, Eunice, Cynthia, Jamie, Shu Yi, Sharmilla, Dhurgaa and more, love you guys, xoxo. We smiled and we laughed. Let's work together, nothing is impossible right.  ;D

Okay, back to the blogging life. I usually blog at least, twice per week? There's no interesting things to blog recently. I'm not looking forward to blog any long stuffs too. Sorry if my blog is dead lah huh, as you know. *as if I've repeated this for many times.*  I couldn't online during school days, so yeah. Will only come back and update when I'm free.  :)

I wanna cry already, nothing to blog. DEAD blog, memang. Okay lah, the only thing that I could say is,

Stupid one lah me hor, kaythanksbye. I hate myself & my damn blog. Urgh, WTH am i talking? -.-"

Hope that everything's gonna be pretty fine.  :)

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.
 Gee baby, gee gee gee.  :D

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  1. It's ok. Not the quantity of post matters, the quality.