Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Heart The Way I Am.

PS : This post should be posted by yesterday, but at last it's raining and thunder strikes. So I only post it by today, sorry.  :)   '21-12-2010.'

PSS, I'd updated today again, 22-12-2010. The latest one is at the bottom of this post, enjoy!  :)


Ohai, hello, bonjour, 你好!! Long time no see hor. Okay, cut the craps. I've never blog for almost a week after posting that super duper long post. I'm going to give you guys the same reason again, I'm LAZY. And oh yeah, I've promised myself not to online for this whole week, but I can't. I miss my Twitter and my blog. So, I came here to blog. Yes lahh, I don't really have the mood to blog for this whole month. So after this post, my blog's going to be dead for a week, cause I've to start my revisions already, or else it's too late.  :)

Just received my next year's class result. I'm going to 2B next year. Okay, I couldn't accept it at first, because it's the first time that I dropped class. Yesh, first time ever in my life that I dropped class. Fine forget it, I'm sure that my next year class is going to be great. Now it's the results that matters, but not the class that I'm in.

Just played Monopoly with sista in the afternoon. Cause we've nothing to do.  :)



Blog something about my Domo. Domokun is love. It's my own Domo story.  :D


Domo is my love, but sometimes it's very kesian, cause.


1. Still on bed.
2. My leg starting to kick Domo.
3. Domo fell.
4. Fell to the floor.

Sometimes I'll accidentally kick it when I'm sleeping, oops, sorry Domo.  :(

Okay, let's talk about yesterday. Just went to Midvalley yesterday. Saw those Christmas decorations, not bad. But i still prefer 1U's decorations. :D


Went to Sushi Zen to have our dinner, it's been a long time that we didn't go there to have dinner.  :) 
Love it's ramen! :D


Decorations at Midvalley. Big toys! :O


Merry go round! :P


Huge Christmas tree with lots of  fake candies.  :P

Picnik collage


I like this big cute bear leh.  :D

Picnik collage

Bought my all time favorite green tea ice-cream. YUMMMM! :D :D :D

And later, mum went to Little Penang cafe to have asam laksa. Mum says it's asam laksa is the best. ;D


The menu.


Had some rojak while mum's enjoying her asam laksa.  :)


My iced lemon tea.


Kay lah, ending da post with my noob self potrait.

Alright, that's all for today.



Short update here.

我相信有很多人会在这一天庆祝冬至吧。我也不例外呀!:D 在这一天, 我和妹妹都做了很多五颜六色的汤圆呢!睡醒了后就马上去帮妹妹一起做汤圆。牙齿没有刷就去弄汤圆了, haha! 现在我用话语来打字有点不习惯,因为平时我都用英文来打字。Sorry for those who doesn't know how to read chinese. I guess I'll continue typing using English here.  :D

Oh, three more days till Christmas, I guess you guys can't wait for it right? Ahhh, presents! But I'm not receiving any presents for Christmas, cause I'm not a Christian. :) But anyways, let's celebrate together! TEEHEE!  :D

Made lots of tang yuan!  :D

Closer shot ; Colorful tang yuan! :D

The dough.  :P

Cooked tang yuan. :D

By the way, would like to introduce one of my very good friend, June Young.  :D

Don't be scared of this picture.  :P

He's a very good friend of mine. A good brother. Always made me smile. A very caring one. But he's a bit naughty sometimes. HAHA! He's a very active guy. Actually, he requested me to blog about him lahh, haha! Joking.  :P

I know what are you guys thinking of already, don't be mistaken alright? :P


Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

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