Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Prefect Training '10.


Love the moments that we've been together with each other.

Went for the prefect training on the last Saturday, love that. We've been talking with each other, spending time with each other & took photos with each other! That's one of the best moments for me.  :)

Reached school at 7.40 am, met my prefect buddies there. All of us are wearing black T-shirts, except for some of them. Some of them brought food & stuffs too, but I didn't, cause I've to leave at 10 am or something. So, I placed my bag in the prefect's room and went out to Pokok Cemerlang. Lastly, my dearest Jing Ying came, omg, she's so cute lahhh! :D

Queued up at the tapak perhimpunan and seniors gave some speech. After that, we're separated into groups. I'm with Eunice, and Eunice brought her own mp5. :D  I didn't play any games at all, but the others did.

Next, photo session. We took photos with each other. Sorry my beloved ones, I can't post your photos on Facebook, because I rarely online Facebook, it's boring, so please tell me if you want those photos! :D  I love the photo session the most. 

This is random. :D

Before leaving,

'Goodbye Jing Ying, see you.'
'Goodbye Ai Lynn, see you & take care.'
' Goodbye Cynthia, gonna miss you a lot, but no worries, we can still sms with each other.'
' Goodbye Jonathan.'
' Goodbye Siew Hwa.'
' Goodbye Jing Ling.'

Went back home after that, it was a very tiring day, but, I this day, it was awesome! :D

PS : Please do not blame me for this sucking post.  :O
Oh yeah, selamat hari raya. :D

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

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