Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Letter From Who?

Hello everyone! Talking about letters huh, I guess you guys never been using letters to communicate with each other right? Oh yes, I did, in once a while, haha. Oh my, I'm so touched after receiving this letter from my best friend, old classmate & also a blogger friend, Kaa Kei. She's the only one who uses letters to communicate with me.

She's so cute & sweet laa.  I HeartHER.

This is the letter which I received from her.  :D

Oh gosh, after receiving this letter, I smiled & smiled, anyways, I'm so touched. She's the only one who writes letters to me & she's the only one who cares for me the most, among all of the old classmates. Jeen Huey & Ya Ting, don't worry, of course I didn't forget you, thank you so much for the supports too!

Her special initials, triple K. Hehe.  ;D

My name, TEEHEE!

HEE! Replied her, at last.

I'm glad to have friends, old classmates like Kaa Kei, Jeen Huey & Ya Ting. You guys are wonderful.

Do you love the rainbow?  Yes, I do.   :)


Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

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