Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Just A Cup Of Milo.

I know, it's just an ordinary cup of Milo.
But there's a story behind it.
I'm touched because of this.
Okay, the story goes like this.

On 5th of November, which means Deepavali day, we went to Dorsett Regency hotel for a two-days-one-night-stay. After that, we went to Pavilion, since it's so near to the hotel that we're staying. After that, we went to the food court - Food Republic there to have our quick lunch. It's very crowded at that time. Then, my father asked whether what did I want to drink, then I said I wanna drink Milo. And then, he went to search for the stall who sells Milo, and he's so cute! He went to a stall and queued up for almost 15 minutes just to buy a cup of Milo for me. See, my father loves me so much. That's why I'm so touched.  :'D

My father loves me, I love him too.  :D
I'm touched by his love. 

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

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