Friday, November 19, 2010

I Rather Go To School, Doris Says.

I said that, check my Twitter status.   ;)

I knew that  I'm not a good blogger. I left my blog in a half dead situation, sorry for that. See, I'm being emotional again. But what do do? I've no mood sometimes, and I've nothing to blog recently. Yeah, there's lots of photos now, in my album. So mm-hmm, I'm going to update all of the delayed posts & stuffs, since there's nothing to do during the holidays.  :)

Yea, okay, I'm going to start my complains again. Yeah, school holidays are definitely BORING. Is there anything else can stop me for being boring? Yes, there's some of it example, sms, online, blogging, photo-takings, watching television, what's next? Hmm. Sleeping, eating or drinking? No way, dude.

Just recently, someone gifted us a keyboard-piano. So, me and my sister enjoyed playing with that keyboard, even though it's not a real piano anyway. Learnt to play some new songs with that keyboard. Satisfied huh? At least, there's something new to play with during the holidays.  :D


Okay, I dedicate this to my beloved Darling Chai Hwai.

Oh yes my darling, I missed you so much, like heaven and hell. Ahh, we're not going to see each other so often already next year, so gonna miss you very muchhh! *sobs.*  :'(

Oh yeah, am starting miss my buddies already, Zi Xin ahhh. I miss your smile lehhh, and of course, our laughters too. I miss everyone of you!  :'(  


OKAY, anyways, gonna end my post right here.
Will update my delayed posts later.  ;D

Fyi, edited, not nice.  :(

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, everyone!  :D


Good luck to all of the SPM candidates!  :D

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

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