Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yes, I Can Do It.


Yes, I believe that I can do it.
There's 1 or 2 more pages left for my Geography project.
Okay okay, Doris Chong, you can do it, take it easy.

Maybe something sweet? ; Triple scoops of green tea ice-cream! ♥
School starts tomorrow, FML. Those problems are coming back to me, eg, homeworks, duties, friendships, pressure, headaches & more. & yet, I'm still repeating this for almost hundreds of times, yeah, the final exam's coming. Who doesn't scared of the final exam anyway, except for me. HAHAH, fml. I didn't even study or do revisions for this so called 'final exam'. This exam is very serious, yea serious. It'll decide whether which class are you going to, next year. For me, definitely I hope that I'll remain in A class. So hmm, am force to do revisions ASAP. Wish me luck.  :(

So yeah, gambateh.

Yours Truly.
❀ нคяυ.


  1. omg.. i love green tea ice-cream with red beans !
    where's that place ??

    All the best in your finals :D

  2. Oh. :D Er, it's at Kura Japanese restaurant, one world hotel, bandar utama. :D

    Thank you so much, Sarah! :D