Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Busy Saturday.

Hello peoples, hello world.
Yes, I'm back here to update something which is more proper right now.
So, I guess I won't be dissapointing you guys right?  *huge grin*
Hope that I won't.  :D

Well, it's a very busy Saturday for all of us. Because, we've so many activities on that day. We went to Desa Parkcity, Sin Choi Wah Restaurant & 1 Utama. Oh, let me start off my post from now.


Me, my sister, my mum & my dad woke up at 7.00 am. & next at 7.30, we went to Desa Parkcity for a morning walk with my grandparents. We had so much fun over there. The weather over there is cool too. It nearly rained. :D

The lake's view.


Take 1.

Take 2.

Take 3 ; I wore my white forest T-shirt with my all time favorite
 black jeans & white sport shoes.

Take 4.

So many fishes.

A video made by me. Those catfishes are so cute.  :D

After morning walk, we went to a nearby cafe, Kluang Station to have our breakfast.
It was about 9.00 am.


Take 5 ; The sunlight's so strong.

My nasi lemak. I love this nasi lemak. :D

My coffee, it was just normal. I prefer Old Town White Coffee more.

Later, we went back home for bathing & stuffs, it was 11.00 am already. At about 12.00 pm, we went to Sin Choi Wah restaurant to have our lunch.

Pigeon : Oi, never see before cute pigeons like me ah?
*staring at me, perasan punya pigeon.*

In Sin Choi Wah restaurant, we ordered fried rice, sweet & sour chicken,
'Siu Bak Choi' & a plate of tofu.

My chinese tea, I like it's cup, it's so small and cute. LOLOLOL.

Take 6.

At night, 7.00 pm. me, my mum & sista went to Kura Japanese restaurant to have our dinner with our grandparents & aunt. Again, japanese meal for dinner. Ahhh, I'd this for almost hundreds of times already. FML.  -.-"   Guess what, again, I bumped into My darling Jo Ee there, her reactions are so cute, but at last, I didn't take photos with her, ahhh I knew that I'll have the chance, maybe next time. :D

I wore my new blue floral dress with my white cardigan that day. Mm-hmm. :)

Spot my new pair of white shoes.  :D

Take 7.

Take 8.

Plain water.

Yea, the same japanese meal again, I guess something is missing in here.
Old photo taken from my Picasa web album.

Ahhh, the missing one is my salad! Yum yum yum. ♥
Old photo taken from my Picasa web album.

Another missing one is my bowl of fruits.  :D
Old photo taken from my Picasa web album.

YAY! Had my favorite green tea ice-cream for dessert! Scrumdillyumtious. ♥

Okay, that's all for today.
Thank you, peeps.  :D

Yours Truly.
❀ нคяυ.

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