Sunday, October 10, 2010

10-10-2010. ♥

       me in japan

I do really miss my kindergarten days so badly. 
I want to go back to my kindergarten, if could.  :'(

I miss the old friends, teacher & the friendly environment.
And the most unforgettable one will be the food they provide.
AHHHH, I miss the friend noodles & the porridge so much.
Now I've realized that being a small child is more fun than being a teenager or an adult.
Booooooo.  :'(


HEY wait a second, today's 10th of October 2010!
Which means 10-10-10.
Tee heee!
So, happy.


PS : Will be continuing updating something soon!

Yours Truly.
❀ нคяυ.

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