Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Already October '10.

Time passes so fast, it's October already.  (:


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Oh well, hello. I'm back, sorry for keeping all of you waiting. Yea, I knew that I did not update something which is proper. So, uh-huh, I guess I'll just update something proper today. Words can't stop coming out from my mouth, my inspirations starts right here. Am going to express my feelings here. :D

Time passes so fast. Yes, fast. Life is getting more tough. It's just like one of the lyrics, 'day after day, time passes away' - Westlife, If I Let You Go. For me, life is quite tough because there's lots of problems which I can't solve it all. Yes, I guess I've repeated this for many many times. It's friend problems. Okay, I've had it enough. Those peoples are just getting on my nerves.

The thing that I hate the most would be, I'm not invited to any of those friend's gatherings. Yea, except for primary school friends' gatherings. Do you know you peoples hurt my heart deeply? As you know, yea, I'm not invited by you guys, but can you guys please stop showing off infront of me? That hurts me deeply! Idiots, FML.
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Yes, all of my friends' changed. In fact, they're getting worser and worser. They don't know how people feels like, all they care is just their own feelings. Duhhh, selfish brats. Even the one that I cared the most had changed too. I've tried to talk with them for many times, but they just wouldn't listen to me. So yeah, forget about it. I can still live without you.

Glad that I have a very good family. Thank you mum, sister & dad for all of the supports. But not the least, I'm glad with the ones that I trusted the most, because they gave me all the supports. So, I'll try to live happier as I can.  :)
Yea, phew. Felt better now. From now on, I'm counting everything on myself, I've learnt not to depend or to rely on anyone else. But still, I will choose to be with the ones that I trust. I better be tough, sometimes. Thank you for the supports, peoples.
Thank you so much for spending your time for reading this. 
& erm, will update something even proper if I've the inspiration.  :D

PS : Reusing some of the photos, cause I haven't take new photos yet.

Yours Truly.
❀ нคяυ.


  1. friend problems are never easy, but hey all of you are only 13.. maybe they never even realised they hurt your feelings...but this is the time to make mistakes and learn and give other people the chance to make their mistakes too.. don't get too upset over it..just be happy and when the time comes, they will realise what is right and what is wrong..if they don't, maybe they're not worth your time anyway... But don't let them change who you are..continue to be nice to people, and you'll realise they'll treat you the same way you treated them..
    wow..what a long comment..lols~ sorry i haven't been visiting.. very very busy~

  2. Thank you for the comment, Loo Han. Yeap, I do agree with your sayings. It's all true. :D

    It's okay, I knew that you're busy recently. But still, thanks for visiting! :D

    PS : Replied in your blog. ;D

  3. Yeap, I agree with you, Kelvin. Thanks. :D