Friday, September 3, 2010

Back To Here.

Ahhhh geeeee.


I'm so grounded laaaa.   :'(

Never mind.
Thank my mum for allowing me to online now, for a while.
Since mum let me online for a while.
So, let me reply all of your messages here.
Thank you very much. :D

To Jeen Huey : Aww ! ♥ ♥ ♥  Thank you my darling. Replied you. Love ya. :DD
To Ya Ting : Hey my dear ! Yeap, quite wonderful. Welcome back to my blog. I miss your footprints.  Thank you too ! (:
To Chiufeng : Okay, thank you ! :D  I will try to be active if I could.  (:
To Loo Han : Yea, I guess so. You're right, studies first. So yea, will only online if have the time. (: Thank you for the supports, Loo Han. Visited your blog. But could not leave any messages in your cbox. Sorry, cause out of time. (:
To Jing : Thank you very much ! :D
To Janice : Hahah ! Yeap, I looked so ugly when my hair was so short.  :(  Btw, yea, as you said, maybe I've been using the laptop so frequently till I go nuts already. So mum banned me ba. Sure, I promise that I won't neglect my studies too ! :D & thank you for the visit ! :D
To Hwai : Oh, hehe. Thanks darling ! But it was many years back.  :D
To Jiamin : Oh, I see. It's okay then. Yeap, I agree with you. Heh. Thank you for the comment . You too. :D
To Jiemin : Thank you so much ! :D
To Jia-e : Replied ! :DD
To Lily : Maybe I will tell you that in school ! (:
To Vincci : Thank kiew ! :D  Hahah. (:
To Others & All : Thank you so much for leaving messages in my cbox. & thank you for the compliments. Sorry that I could not reply all in there. Too many messages & was out of time. :D

Okay, thank you guys for the supports. Love you all so much. Tee heee ! ♥

Yours Truly.
❀ нคяυ.