Saturday, September 18, 2010

'10 September School Holidays.

Hi everyone.
I'm back to update something with photos.  :D


At first, I thought holidays are boring. Especially for kids like us, we're so closed up inside our homes, right? Except for some kids, their parents will bring them out for travelling or shopping. Woahh, damn jealous, man.

Hmm, The Famous Five? Not bad.  :D

But after these while, I've changed my mind. Yea, I've found out holidays are actually good somehow. My dad will bring me & sister to Desa Parkcity's garden to play kites & stuffs, sometimes. Look, I'm not showing myself off to anyone, but just to prove that holidays are quite fun. &, more holidays, more extra time for me to daydream, more time for me to sleep, more time to argue with my sister & somemore I can play the laptop till non-stop.  HAHAHAHAH. -.-


Besides that, holidays are not-so-good-also. There's some pressure around you, sometimes. I don't know how to express it out, but I guess everyone knows about it, right? But, the main reason to prove that holidays are not-so-good-also is, holidays will make someone becoming more & more lazy, just like me, I'm so lazy right now.  :P


Yea, I had so much fun during the hols. I'll tell you what, I slept at almost 2 am & woke up at 2.30 pm, isn't that funny enough? I know, honestly, I'm lazy to wake up, but since it's holidays, sleep a little later's not a problem right? :)  Besides that, I've been applying anti-pimples cream all over my face during the hols, I was like 'ahhh pimples, get away from my face pleaseee, I don't want to be ugly!' HAHAH, that's the fact.


During the holidays, I've promised myself not to think about stupid things anymore. Uh-huh, I'll just keep my mind calm & stop thinking about stupid things anymore. It's not worth to worry about craps. Did you agree with me?  (:

A piece of bread ?  HAHAH.

Oh yesh. UPSR's coming next week. PMR is coming soon too. So, good luck to all of the UPSR & PMR candidates. All the best. :D

Ahhh. Mum promised me that she'll bring me for shoppings & stuffs after finishing her assignments. So, how nice if I can go for shoppings again. I bet everyone here likes to go for shoppings, but the problem is, shoppings are surely expensive.  (:


Wow, I've realized that this is a very long post from me. I knew that I've been wasting my time writing craps or junks here, now. It's not interesting at all, but I've never been updating about my holiday life for these two weeks. Aihhh, I would really wished that holidays will never end.  :)  By the way, school starts next week.  :(


&, thank you for spending your precious time to read my dumb post.  (:

Btw, fyi, not going to online frequently during school days. So, miss me. HAHAH. Nahh, just remember to visit my blog, kay? Will visit yours & will reply your messages maybe later a little. Thank you very much. :D

Well, cheers.  :D

Yours Truly.
❀ нคяυ.


  1. Haha..this post is not dumb but interesting..i like random post (: (: and don't worries about the ads k.. Hahah..

  2. Oh. Okay. Thanks for your comment! :D Hehe. ;)