Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Transformations.

Oh yea dudes.
Greetings.  :D

ahhh me
I'm a teenager now.  ;)

Did you guys really find out that I changed a lot ?
Yea, I do found out that I've changed a lot.
As the day passes, I'm becoming more & more mature.
I'm gaining more & more knowledge.
I knew what's right & what's wrong now.
Glad that I've changed.   :)

3 years old
Taken in Langkawi. 2000. I'm three years old at that time.
I love this picture. :D

when im small
It's taken in Langkawi too. 2000.  Still three years old.  :)

childhood 2000
Taken in Zoo Negara. 2000. Still three. With Dennis & Amelia.   :)

me in japan
Taken in Tokyo Disneyland, Japan. 2001. Four years old.  :D

the old me
Taken at my house. Last year, 2009. Twelve years old.  :)

Yea, I personally read all of my blog posts again & again.
I noticed that I've started to change from days to days.
There you can see, I've changed a lot from posts to posts.
I remembered the last time I was using those " lala - lysh " words & stuffs.
But now, no more !   :D
Now I'm using proper words already.
I'm not used to be the old me now, the old me is already dead & gone.   :)

So well.
I do hope that I could enjoy & share every moments in my life.
There's still a lot more for me to go.   ;)

See you & take care peoples.
Tata.  :D

PS : Sorry for not replying your messages, peoples. (:

Yours Truly.
❀ нคяυ.

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  1. I cannot reply on your chat box. :\

    By the way, as the time passes by, you might find that you have grown more and more mature, and a lot of things around you are changing day by day. Appreciate everyday! :D