Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Brown Hair.

Why did I start off with this tittle?
Cause I have brown hair ! :D

& as usual, people always ask me in school about that.
" Erm, excuse me Doris, but did you colour your hair into brown colour? "
I answered.
" Of course not, my brown hair is originally borned to be like this, I did not colour my hair. "

But never mind, people always get confused with the colour of my hair.  :)
& some of them said.
" Nahhh, your hair is not brown. "
Well, they said this just because they're just jealous of me having a hair that is naturally brown in colour, & their hair which is not in brown colour.  :PP

Okay, let me prove to you all that my hair is brown in colour.  :D

me born brown hair
The first photo.  Not so obvious here.   :)

brown hair
The second photo.  :D

very brown hair
Ahh yesh, this is the most brown shot. :D
Of course, it's not fake & it's not edited at all ! :D 

Believe me now?  :D
Yea, & I do remembered that Jeen Huey has brown hair too !  :)
Teee heeee !

Thank - kiewww.
& byeeeeeeeeee.  :DD

Yours Truly.
❀ нคяυ.

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