Friday, August 20, 2010

Ads In My Blog?

Hey peoples.
Yea, talking about ads.
I'm having ads in my blog now.  :D
*Just only.*

Pages Of Book.
Pages of books.  (:

Select Nuffnang or Advertlets?  (:

So, I'm looking forward to any ads commercials and see whether which one is suitable for me to put in my blog.
Nuffnang or Advertlets?
Well, I guess I will choose Advertlets.
Cause Nuffnang requires our I.C number & I haven't reach the age of eighteen.
By the way, Advertlets is easier to register cause it doesn't requires our I.C number !
At last, I've choosen Advertlets. :D

bear chain and ribbon
I love this shot of mine. :DD
It's a pink teddybear handphone chain.

Damn it.
The third term exam is coming so soon.
See laa, I haven't even study or prepare for it.
Still blogging here.
I'm a very 'good' student then. :PP

Okay laaa.
I need to off already.
So take care.
Buh - byeeeeee.  (:

PS : Pictures are taken by using a Canon IXUS 105.  (:

Yours Truly.
❀ нคяυ.

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