Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Special Suprise. ♥

Hello once again my readers.
I had a special suprise yesterday.
Actually I would to update this blog post yesterday.
But yesterday,it doesnt have the internet connection. ><
So,I'll update this today. ;)

My mum brought me and my sis went to 1 Utama.
We had our lunch in Kura Japanese Restaurant.

After lunch.
We went shopping for a while.
It's a miracle.
We walked passed by Action City store.
And I saw Domo !
Hee Hee Hee.
Then we went into the shop and bought a Domo there.

Yeah ~ !
At last I got Domo adi ! =DD
Thanks mum for buying it for me. =))

I know all of you jealous abt me la...
Jealous abt it right? =P

My new Domo !! ♥

Domo !! ♥

Me and Domo ! ♥

Oh yesh !
I forgot about this.
Yesterday's also our Sports Day.
I did'nt bring my handphone to school.
So no pics about this sports day... :'(

At last...
Our Garuda's team "Kawad Kaki" did'nt win...
It's kindda sad... =(
But we enjoyed it.

But for next year.
I'll be one of the Garuda's Kawad team's Commander. =DD
Pretty scared abt it...
Don't worry.
I can do it !
Garuda Boleh,Garuda Gambateh ! =D

I've to go now.
Take care. =)

Yours truly.
❀ нคяu.

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